By Alexander Hicks and HastyWords

I had a dream

I dove into a pool

But instead of water

It was shards of glass


And instead of cutting

It gifted me pieces

Healing the fragile

Brokenness I was


The glass I jumped through

Was the wall I had built

To keep people away

From the emotions I felt


The hatred and anger

The passion and fear

But most important of all

To keep away from the tears


Sharp little daggers

That cut streaks into my face

Showing you a weakness

I couldn’t bear to share


My smile a facade

That protects my heart

From jealous strangers

Whose hearts bleed mold


We all must wear a mask

To hide our true impressions

A second skin to protect us

From reality’s indiscretions


Without the mask to hide us

We all would lose our minds

Without our mask to cradle us

Fear would leave us terrified


29 thoughts on “HIDDEN FACES

  1. Nice!

    And, out of curiosity, HOW DO YOU HAVE SO MUCH TIME TO WRITE? I barely have time to read a few bits and pieces here, let alone write posts. Are you best friends with the Doctor or something?


    • If I write on my own it only takes at the most 10 minutes. Writing with others is maybe 2 actual minutes per stanza as we pass back and forth. So it doesn’t take too much time. I write during lulls…as printers are running, or at stop lights, or at lunch, or during breaks. LOL I can’t stand to do nothing!


        • Anything where I am twiddling my thumbs. Mostly before work, during lunch, unless it is a duet and it happens when I check my mail. I do a lot of writing on weekends, breakfast, after everyone goes to bed…lulls (when other people don’t need me) 🙂


          • Ah. I didn’t realize we were talking mythology. I haven’t seen a lull in quite some time. My job, wife, college professors, and children keep telling me that lulls don’t exist, so I simply bow my head and get back to work.


            • haha…tell my mind that. I guess when my mind gets really loud I have to write to quiet it down or I can’t work because….distracted. lol…it’s my therapy…so I watch for chances and I take them. But the downside is I am always tired.


              • I think being tired is a way of life these days. Sometimes, I wish I lived in the middle ages with a simple job and time to spend with my family – even if it was slaving away in someone else’s fields.


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