Written by Pharphelonus and Hastywords

I never realized there were so many romantic hearts out there! Hopefully, Pharphelonus will write more with me!

She was defined by elegance
And she dazzled wearing lace
But he could not strike from his mind
The pain and anguish on her face
She had hidden within her
So many mysterious stories
His only focus was on her
And her tortured majesty
Had she ever been enchanted?
Let her soul become exposed?
Felt the exhilaration of freedom?
In the way only true love knows?
Had she ever been inspired by a kiss?
Been held in a magical embrace?
Laughed until her belly ached?
Like only the pure of heart would?
Had she ever noticed him?
And the craving in his eyes?
His desire to be for her
What she had already become for him?
Would she ever look his way?
Catch his gaze in hers?
Would she ever want to give him
All the things he dreamed for her?
The peasant hated how it felt
As he watched her beside the throne
To know they could be magical
But would instead remain alone

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