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Written by Think.Speak.Tryst and HastyWords


Coming and going

Like the turquoise tides

Beaches littered with hope for happiness

I find myself wandering alone


The sun has been hiding

For infinite days on end

Clouds painting shadows on my mood

Leaving me cold to the bone


Tired by the drawn out repetition

Of society’s escalating influences

Constantly giving me another reason

To fall into the cracks in the floor


Swallowed up and consumed

I lie bored of what I have become

Nothing seems to pique my interest

Everything rubs me wrong


Shame on my hands

Bittersweet inside my soul

Permanently marked with scars, I

Hide the truth, you do not know


Engraved and written on my heart

Words of burden and worry

I have no choice but to hide

Far away from shadows of day


The moment finds me here

Searching local for the unknown

Dark & grey are the colors of me

I never wanted this reality


I hold it in silently

Frozen is my soul

Letting my voice fall to a hush

In the secrets I hold in Solitude


8 thoughts on “SECRET SOLITUDE

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