So my turn again in the Fiction Relay.  The story has so many twists and turns it is taking longer and longer to write.  To catch up on this story click here.  To read the chapter before this click here.  I guess this means Chapter 25 is ready for you to write TRG!!!

Melissa knew she had snapped because she could feel her sanity vanish.  It was like stepping out into the arctic cold and having it take your breath away.  The angry adrenaline was coursing through her veins and she knew it was just a matter of time before she lost complete control of her emotions.   She spent years going through intense training when she was younger to deal with these episodes but she had started to give less and less of a crap about what she was capable of.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” she couldn’t control it, didn’t want to control it.  She sat in the car looking out the window towards the cave’s entrance.  She was tired.  She did everything right, everything she was asked, and she was being disrespected and screwed.  Well….no she was being everything but screwed and that pissed her off even more.  Everyone she fell in love with inevitably loved someone else.  Raj wanted Meagan just like EVERYONE wanted Meagan.

Meagan doesn’t remember her childhood and how Melissa saved her.  After the accident Meagan remembered nothing and it broke Melissa’s heart to lose her best friend. She should have just left Meagan for dead all those years ago.   Maybe it was time she corrected her mistake, maybe dead is exactly what Meagan deserved.  Maybe dead was exactly what they all deserved.


Melissa found Meagan restrained in one of the labs.  She felt something like pleasure begin to warm the pit of her stomach.  She knew Meagan couldn’t port out of the restraints so she would just sit and watch and wait for Raj to come and finish what he had planned.  She knew what he had planned and it made her furious.  In fact, as much as she wanted Meagan to suffer she didn’t want Raj to get what he desired.  Footsteps caused Melissa to close her mind even more so Raj wouldn’t be able to sense her and she slowly stepped further into the shelter of the shadows.  She doesn’t remember feeling this angry, this betrayed, this jealous.  She watched as Raj toyed with Meagan and began to position himself over her body. Melissa took one of the many scalpels from a surgical tray as she stealthily crossed the room with only one thought.  “I hate you!” she calmly said as she buried the scalpel into Raj’s neck.

He didn’t have time to react and she was amazed at how thick and dark his blood seemed.  His mind was quiet and she knew he was dead.  She thought she would have some sort of sadness but she didn’t; instead, she felt powerful and free. Meagan began coming to as Melissa pushed the dirty douche-bag off onto the floor.  The sound of Raj’s scalpel hitting the floor distracted her and Meagan for a moment before their eyes met.  At first Meagan looked relieved but fear quickly took its proper place.  “He always liked you more!” and she raised the scalpel to finish what she come to do.


Daniel made his way to the cave using all the quiet stealth he could muster.  All he could think about was ending this.  Before he stepped into the darkness within he heard a blood curling scream.  Melissa!  She had gone completely crazy.  He stepped further into the caves hidden lab door when the door slammed shut behind him.  Every single light switched on at the same time causing him to cover his eyes with his arm.  “So you came to save your girlfriend? How stupid sweet you are!  I mean you didn’t even bring roses or a box of chocolates or, I dunno…brains?” Melissa was standing across the room with her back against the safe on the wall but it was all the scalpels floating in the air right in front of his face that caused him pause.

Before Daniel could react Melissa’s face contorted and the entire battalion of scalpel’s fell from the air.  “Hi Dad!” a young girl with beautiful blue hair was addressing him as she walked across the room towards Melissa.  Daniel was stuck to his spot unable to move, not because anyone was forcing him to stay still but because he was trying to process what was happening.  The girl called him dad but it wasn’t what had him frozen.  What he was trying to understand was why she looked like Meagan.

“OK Melissa here is what is going on. I stole enough of your power to temporarily negate it.  So I can basically zero your power out.”  Melissa looked like she was in shock as the girl tried to explain what was happening.  She was talking like a paramedic to a patient who had just been in a terrible accident.  The girl gave her something to drink and a few moments later Melissa was passed out cold.

16 thoughts on “FICTION RELAY PART 24

  1. Thank you in providing background details to new readers just joining in. I imagine the twists in turns would be so sharp that jumping in at any point would be no different than starting from the beginning. What a great, collective, fun literary idea. Good for all of you that are involved.


    • *laughs* Oh, it is soo much fun, Kendall. Like an extended gift opening session, for me. I know the group, so I can be positive I’ll at least like whatever they give me…but there’s a point between “like” and “absolutely adore” and it’s those little surprises that really make it worth it… 🙂

      (Although considering that everyone so far has hit that bar again and again, perhaps I should raise it a little higher, soon? *eg*)


  2. Oh, oh, oh!! I -love- it! *hugs* I couldn’t wait to see what you would do with whichever character/s you focused on, and I am super glad you gave Melissa a voice again. And hooray for the awesome action scene…I was “listening” to Sam/Daniel in my head as I read, being silly, and it was so cool: “ohshits scalpels oh wait never mind she’s got them wait-a-hold-it once again who the heck is she what … Dad???” *giggles, lots* Thank you so much for letting me play. I’m learning so much from all of you, but your ability to put so much depth in so few words is something I really aspire to.

    (Also hooray for bringing Blue in! *claps*)


      • Nope, it’s all Fearless Leaders *ahem* I mean my fault. *hugs* Your story is awesome, as was Dawns, and mine, and…well, you get the picture. Numbers are a PITA and we hates them, we do. *nodnod*

        To clarify, then. The story (TRG/Boss) is now on Chapter 25. Which is fun and synmetrical and all sorts of things like that. If you didn’t read Dawns story (#23) before you wrote yours (#24), that’s my fault for the misnumbering, but nonetheless you took the right half of the story and ran with it beautifully. If you -did- read Dawns first, than disregard the previous, all except for the complimentary parts. :p

        I will be mostly if not totally afk for the next week or so (maybe less, maybe more) due to having to turn myself in at the factory on Monday for some further repairs, but I will be eagerly awaiting our 25th anniversary episode of awesomeness…no pressure there, Boss! *eg*


  3. I agree with KC, it’s nice to have Melissa fleshed out and to understand her motivations and thoughts. The image of the scalpels was brilliant and i love the way we now have a hint at Blue’s “talent” – or maybe just one of many talents…
    And i know i say this every time, but once again a chapter that answers questions while still moving the plot onwards and giving everyone new avenues to go down.
    Wonderful job as always Hasty!


  4. Loved the flashback to Melissa’s side of the events. Nice images with the scalpels floating in the air, ready to strike, then dropping to the ground.

    I liked Blue’s entrance and confidently taking over the situation… and powers?… that’s cool, as she has inherited from both.


  5. My dear friend, I have nominated you for the prestigious The HUG Award! Congratulations! Please visit this link for


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