So Sage Doyle has been writing this story and I am happy to share it on my wall because I really think Grimm is the Bee’s knees and I may have a bit of a fictional crush.  If you feel like reading a keen story I urge you to read all the chapters here.  This is the second installment I have posted on my wall because now one of my real life good friends makes an appearance as my sheik friend in Grimm’s story.  Sage really is the cat’s meow!  He also has another ongoing story titled FAY I haven’t read yet but I am anxious to start!  


“The Journal of Wall Grimm”

Chapter 62

March 5, 2013

Ok so Sunday I went and got a tattoo. I met Hasty when Pete dragged me to the gay bar with Sweetheart last week. Hasty’s really cool and so we decided that we were going to get tattoos. We planned to meet up Sunday and go meet my tattoo guy, who happens to be my friend John. I showed up at Dunkin Donuts to meet her and she brought a guy friend with her, which makes sense, because I didn’t think about it but it’s not really safe to go off with a strange guy with blue hair on a whim. Speaking of hair, Hasty was wearing a blonde wig kinda like Marilyn Monroe. Really hot.

Anyway, her friend’s name was Patrick and he was cool too. We got some coffees first and showed each other our drawings for the tattoos we wanted. Patrick wasn’t getting one but he said maybe another time. Hasty had two pictures. This is the first one she showed me:


I was like ok that’s great, I see something like a cloud in front of the sun, with musical notes, so it’s kind of like the blues or whatever. Then I told her what first came to mind. I saw testicles. Blue testicles. A cluster of blueballs.

So yeah, we laughed about that and then she showed me the next one:


I said that’s cool too, and asked her what it meant. She said that she loves all kinds of music and that ”everyone’s emotion can be set to a song. The best connections are built around music. It brings out the best in people. So the colors are the pride colors. Not only the symbol of gay love and acceptance but pride in individuality.” So that’s the pic we chose for her tattoo.

This is the drawing I made for mine:


It’s Thoth who is the God of writers. He’s a scribe and he invented the alphabet. He holds that staff for power, and an Ankh and I like Ankhs. He’s the God of alchemy which is not just the scientific change of metals, but symbolic change in all ways. He is the God of magic. He even wrote parts of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. So yeah, there’s a lot more about Thoth that suits me.

Hasty and Patrick laughed when they saw this picture though. I mean, I’m not really an artist and I kind of mushed this together as a combination of different Thoth pics I saw. But I asked them what was so funny and they said his beak is sooooo long. I was like, yeah, after I drew it I realized it was long but left it that way.

“So what’s that say about you?” Hasty asked. I said, “Well it’s not wishful thinking, so don’t go thinking that.”

Anyway we got the tattoos, John just used our pics as guidelines and embellished them. We got them on our arms. I chose to Keeep the beak long because it makes my Thoth unique and now there’s a funny story behind it.

After the tattoo, Patrick took us to his place because he said he had a closet full of outrageous clothes and we should find something in it then go out and have fun. So we dug around a little, and instead of doing different things, we kind of did a theme thing. Patrick and I dressed in zoot suits and Hasty dressed as a flapper. I asked what the name for a guy was, that’s not a flapper so we looked it up and it’s a “flaming youth.” I was like yikes, I think I’m just going to be a guy, not a flaming youth. Patrick had no problem with it. So Hasty was a flapper, Patrick was a flaming youth, and I was a fella.

Then we went out into town and walked around talking in 20s slang:

We said, let’s get a wiggle on with these gams in our glad rags and procure us some giggle water. We’ll get half seas over, ossified, blotto’d, zozzled, spifflicated, and hopped up. We’ll run around yelling “whoopee!” Nah, forget that one.

So we went out and got drunk basically. Patrick and I got high, Hasty didn’t. And I snuck into the bathroom now and then to sneak some coke and pain meds. It was a Sunday afternoon and Patrick and Hasty wanted to go back to the gay bar so we did. The bartender played the music again when we asked and Patrick and Hasty were doing some mock swing dancing. I didn’t even attempt that, so I just watched them from the bar, txtd some people and tossed back more giggle juice, figuring I had made myself a couple new friends. So that’s a good thing, indicates there’s change in the works for my life, and now I have my Thoth tattoo, maybe more positive change will happen.

Not long after I had these reflections, we left. And as we were walking out of the bar two mugs (dumb guys) walked by and laughed, saying “fags” under their breath. Well that made me sore (mad). I tripped one guy from behind and turned the other to face me then punched him the face, he stumbled back over his friend and landed on him. That guy’s gotta have one hell of a goog (black eye) today.

The slang for punch in the face is actually “kiss” but I’m not going to say that I kissed this guy outside a gay bar, nope. And face apparently is “puss” so kissing a guy in the puss in front of a gay bar, not happening for me.

Patrick and Hasty grabbed me and pulled me to make me lam off (escape) behind the building to Patrick’s heap (car). We got in and took off but Patrick decided he was too drunk to drive, so we parked somewhere and got out and walked. This was two days ago. Patrick just texted me that he still can’t find his car. He hasn’t needed it and he is going to call the fuzz (police) to see if they know where it is or if it’s been towed or something.

Anyway, Sunday was nuts, but yeah, it was the cat’s pajamas.

Patrick is a character based on Patrick at 


  1. I think I like this is is a bit kitchy and fun, but needs more in the descriptive department, but it is so far catching, I more of the chapters before this, THANKS.


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