Another one with my beautiful friend Jen!  It is always amazing to me how two people with totally different backgrounds, leading very different lives can connect so beautifully through words.  

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Written by Think.Speak.Tryst. and HastyWords

From the corner of my eye

I watched the fire ignite

Red & purple flames shot up to the sky

Illuminating the black sky like a painted canvass


To preoccupied to pay attention

I concentrate on your hearts steady beat

And like a reflection of the sky

You begin painting kisses upon my thigh


Like cool running water

Your touch runs through my presence

Different every time, yet

Every time it’s you just the same


Nothing distracts me as much as you

I need your want, your desire, your affection

You tie my insides up in knots

And only your attention sets me free


You amaze me with your color

Passion that lights up the room

Falling into your space, I tremble

Needing it more & none too soon


My skin hungrily soaks in your sweet kisses

I tremble with each mmmm that lands upon my neck

Willingly you fill all the lonely voids closed within

While joyous anticipation bubbles up inside me


I’m silently rendered to you in your atmosphere

Dripping with senseless chaotic romance

I love to be with you like this

You are my everything, my only wish

11 thoughts on “CHAOTIC ROMANCE

  1. Lovely, passionate, with lush and sexy imagery. I like that there is no gender implied, it could be love between a man and a woman, or two women or two men. Just brillant, the language of love is universal.


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