IMG_75991Written by Pharphelonus and HastyWords


Your smile brims with happiness

Like your joy must be abounding

It lights the room in sparkles

And warms the space surrounding you

But I know you, my angel

And I can only help but wonder

Are you really smiling?


Your emotions hide silently

Behind the deepest crystal blues

Secrets dance in shadows

Threatening to overwhelm you

But I know you, my dear

And I know you are fighting

So please can I help you?


I catch you, sometimes

Staring into a murky distance

And discomfort has evicted your smile

When you see me, you snap back into character

But I know you, my angel

And if that place is scary

Take me there with you?


There are silent moments

Where you seem to listen

But I picture conversations

Taking place inside your head

And I know you, my dear

You would sit and suffer

Please don’t forget I am here?


I have seen you knowing peace

And seen you accepting love

With eyes that cannot mask the bliss

That screams to be your normal

But I know you, my angel

And I know that it seems far away

Please let me join the journey.


I sense you sometimes

Feeling like a burden

The whole world passes

And you forget your place

But I see you, darling

You will never be alone

I am here for you forevermore



    • Me? Well, if you have nominated me Gracias! (that is if it is a good thing) Tell, ya what…uh…if I win anything, I’ll share the proceeds and we can be off to Helsinki. No, to Antar…no, too cold. Peru!


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