Not very long ago I started exchanging emails with Jen LeFever.  This girl has been through so much and has had the strength to overcome.  I really think her passion helped her be the courageous and beautiful person she is.  Please check out and follow her blog  Think.Speak. Tryst.  Here is one of my favorite pieces she has posted.  Everything posted below can be found on her site.  It takes a certain kind of bravery to bare your soul to the world…she has it!


The night is cold

And through the darkness

The familiar feeling

I do not trust this

My one constant partner

The everyday friend

So she tells me

It’s Miss Heroin

She taunts me

& toys with my mind

She plays tricks

Until I am blind

She covers my heart

In darkness, in black

So I am desperate

For more smack

Once I’m controlled

Sold my soul to her game

Her manipulation works

And everyone else is to blame

I can’t see the truth

I’m covered in lies

Anything to protect her

Anything to get high

She is tricky & coy

A sneaky bitch

Don’t talk about her

I’ve been trained not to snitch

So I sit and realize

That it’s great the high

And so sadly I know

By her side I may die

She’s made me afraid

Of the world I see

Afraid of yours truly

Afraid of me

But the power she has

Is becoming yesterday’s news

When I woke up in prison

And made the choice to choose…

~~ J. Lefever ~~


This piece, tells such a story. I was at rock bottom, I was very fragile. I was so broken down the only way to go was up. So that’s what I did, I chose to fight. I did what I had to do to get my life back. I have written so much, on my struggles through addiction. I’ve spoken at meetings about the loss of personal power and finding the strength to pull through. Once I thought it was impossible… but now I’m living proof that once you make peace with your heart, and you believe that you are worth the journey,

light will shine again, and you will wake up feeling alive.

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7 thoughts on “QUEEN OF DARKNESS

  1. Oops.. I didn’t really mean to ‘like’ my own piece, but…. Miss Hasty…. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to express in words how honored I am. You have really said some kind things and been such a light in my life. I am eternally touched by you and I hope to know you forever! I can’t wait to watch our “tryst” grow, and to see where life takes us. I know there is a reason in the stars for us coming into eachothers lives… there is something wonderful happening here… look at what we already create together!! You have truly made my day, my weekend, my whole week to come. Thank you!! Hugs & Smooches Xo ~ Jen


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