Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.


This is harder than it looks and my hands are cold…and dry…I need lotion.  Oops I just hit the snooze button on my computer twice…because I have two assignments that it is demanding I do right now…but I am busy…see I am typing for the daily prompt.  And why does the computer get to snooze at work and I can’t?  I wish I was a pop up reminder that could just sleep all day because the person doing the assignments it too lazy to do the assignments.  That person being me…I am not really lazy…just busy doing this Daily Prompt thingy so I don’t get made into bacon.  Although, I think if I had to be bacon I would want to be Honey Peppered Bacon…it’s my favorite.



That was me singing but you are safe because these are just typed words…if you could actually hear me singing you would have cringed…hey…my coworkers are laughing at me.  They think I am crazy…wait I am crazy…they can see it.

Oh thank goodness 10 min…yay!

26 thoughts on “RAMBLE PROMPT

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  2. I love a good free write! I was just talking to Hotspur about free writting yesterday.. ironic that the daily prompt is a free write! I haven’t done a ‘daily P’ in a while.. maybe I’ll set my timer :*) Your ramblings are cute Hasty! ~ Jen


    • I learned from the best….now pointing to Hotspur…but not really pointing…just pretend pointing…because that would be weird. What if I really was Hotspur and I had everyone tricked? Hmmmm I bet some bloggers are actually gonna be thinking about that one! lol maybe I am sick too…where is my bed.


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