This girl is knock dead gorgeous and she doesn’t even realize it, which makes her even more beautiful.  She has a gorgeous girlfriend and the two of them are really amazing together.  I have mentioned several times I don’t have many girlfriends but I am blessed to say she is one of my closest.  We aren’t close because we hang out a lot, or because we have a lot in common with our lives, but because we are amazing texting friends.  If I am upset I can always depend on her to answer, be honest, and she always comes through with the best advice!  This girl and I have been through some shit together…no…not literally but really…she has been the recipient of some crazy texts and she handles it gracefully.  Here is a poem we wrote together…it shows you how well we get each other!  This poem is about past relationships we have both experienced. 

photo (14)Written by Stacy Self and HastyWords


Memories still coloring my reality

I see you and my heart still races

The smiles you once gave to me

Showing up in all the wrong places


I sit and watch our story play out

The voices of others begin to grow

They say time is neither enemy nor friend

But a bittersweet healer of the pain we hold


As if our friendship was a contract signed

I wait for the conclusion to unfold

But unlike an agreement of words

The end is never so plainly told


Because the words that we slung

Hit our hearts straight to the core

It seems that healing and moving forward

Is just too painful to endure


Unfortunately out of sight out of mind

I am now buried in your memory’s grave

You turned away and swam for shore

And left me sinking alone in the crashing waves










8 thoughts on “LEFT SINKING

  1. What a joy it is to have someone in your life that sparks the best in you! The two of you obviously have genuine chemistry, as evidenced by this poem. It is so beautiful despite the sadness of the last stanza. I hope this is a relationship you carry through the rest of your life…and no one leaves anyone sinking in the crashing waves. Congratulations on a wonderful write. (Please share this comment with your friend and co-poet)


    • I will! Yea we both have similar relationships where we are the one’s left standing wanting to find a resolution but the others just….swim away…lol. It helps to find someone you share common feelings with.


  2. Your mention of time here, reminds me of a piece I wrote on time. I really like this Hasty.. Good execution of the piece’s message. It’s descriptive simplicity.. a hard writing technique to pull off. 🙂 ~ Jen


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  4. Funny enough I literally just wrote about my best friend…she appears in a few of my posts. Special friends are precious. Lovely post . Ceri


  5. Hi there! This is a dope poem, I really like the imagery. Thank you for throwing up a link to my blog too. Very nice of you! Keep up the good work! 😀


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