Writing Challenge: New Year’s Resolutions (Doompocalypse Redux)

I have already packed 2012 into a trunk and stuck it somewhere in the furthest reaches of my mind. Maybe it was the loss of a dear friend, Rob, who I will forever miss. Maybe it was the other losses we endured; my beautiful friend lost her son, my longest friend lost his wife, and three of my friends lost their dad just to name a few. Maybe it was the marriages of dear friends that fell apart. Maybe it was the darkness that worked its way into my head and caused me to be blind to all the many blessings in my life?

Despite all the obstacles that caused pain it was the blessings I found in my family and friends that meant the most.  Whenever I take time to reflect and look forward those are the two things I wouldn’t want to live life without.  Speaking of friends…I started my blog in 2012 and have made some beautiful friends.  So if the world was going to end in 2013 and I had a few short months I would spend it kissing!

In fact, if there was one resolution I could make and keep it would be to kiss as many people as I possibly can.  I can see my husband rolling his eyes while saying, “And how is this different than any previous year?”  I am a kisser, I love, love, love to kiss.  Anyone and everyone….almost!

Speaking of kisses I marked off one of the items on my bucket list.  I watched Gone With the Wind with one of my good blogging friends The Reclining Gentlemen.  I love technology, we watched it together via twitter due to the ocean separating us.


There was so much I loved about the movie. The history, the clothes, the perspective, the language were all amazing. My favorite though was the romance. I ended up watching every kissing scene more than once. I am pretty sure it was the very first soap opera ever written.

Originally I wanted to rewrite the ending but in retrospect a movie like GWTW with the strength of those characters likely would have no just ending. Like a true soap opera it could have gone on forever! Truly the movie had the best romantic equation. Scarlett loves someone she can’t have but as soon as the object of her love is free to love her she realizes she loves the one she let get away. Rhett loves someone who doesn’t love him back and as soon as she does he is off to find another love.  Out of all the amazing elements this movie had it is the angst that made this movie work.

This is by far my favorite scene in the movie: We all need to be kissed..and often..and by people that know how! 🙂

Another movie I loved and fits this prompt was Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.  If only we can all die in the arms of a romance scene.




22 thoughts on “DIE KISSING

  1. Gone with the Wind is one of my all time fav novels and the movie is one of my favs as well. The love story continued tho in Alexandra Ripley’s Scarlett but it’s no classic like GWTW. Anyways, I wish you as many kisses as there are stars in the universe. Continue to share your light.


  2. It’s an honour to have helped to tick off on of your bucket list! I always love watching GWTW but it was special to watch it with someone seeing it for the first time, and with someone who now loves it as much as i do. I believe strong, multi-dimensional characters are at the heart of a good story, and GWTW is full of them.can’t wait till christmas so we can watch it again 🙂
    I wish you happiness and kisses for 2013 xx


  3. I have enjoyed reading your poetry lately.. I am a girl who loves some good music straight from the soul (i.e. poetry) I have written so much of it, but I am shy to put it on my blog. However your bravery has inspired me, so, one of my resolutions is to let my soul speak more.. and post some of my poetry pieces!! (I have a few on my blog, but not many..) I am very new to blogging but I have enjoyed it very much so far. This post of yours I really enjoyed.. I love it when anothers words inspire and move me in ways that I couldn’t do on my own. Thank you, and thank you for sharing!
    ~ Jen


    • (..smiling.. ) Ok! I will see if I can ‘link’ something back. I haven’t done that yet! Yes, it is freeing.. I have had quite the year in 2012, to say the least. It has given me much to write about. My story is, a tougher one than I’d like to admit, but I have a very good heart, an old soul, and through the past twelve months, I have learned so much. I’ll be brave and get some of my harder pieces out, (emotionally speaking).. Thanks for taking an interest. I don’t get many visitors on my blog think. speak. tryst. Looking forward to sharing more!
      ~ Jen


      • Oh! You have made my day! I absolutley will E-mail you.. and thank you! I can’t say it enough! I’d love to write a piece.. and getting to know another person of poetry is such a wonderful blessing!.. Keep your eyes peeled for my E-mail…
        ~ Jen


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