I was contacted to do a duet with this beautiful girl.  She sent me a poem and asked me to edit it and post but….it is way too beautiful to change a word.  Please take time to visit her blog….you won’t regret it!  Her words to me in her email are as follows and set up her poem!    “I wrote this poem which is about a hesitant girl, not very confident about herself or what to do.  Kind of a motivational poem to inspire people like her and to let them know others look forward to them.” 


Written by Bohemian


An unfinished hem,

A few loose threads

Of your brazen lemon attire

Fleet lightly as you pace

Simulating tiny glints of fire


Leave warmth behind

Of your summery aura

Against grassy ambiance sublime

You, a swaying chrysanthemum

Euphonic tinkling Lyra


Don’t carry along

Plumbean days of your past

Severe those cumbersome ties

Lethean vows, treacherous lies

Iterating nightmares, oblivion, vast


Surf, as if sky is the new sea

Like the astral ball of pyre

Leave petals of your citron shine

Melt this freezing zephyr

Enliven, Rekindle, Revive, Incite.

8 thoughts on “WARMISH YOU

  1. That’s awesome that you have such an integrity of a true poet that you honor the beauty of someone else’s words, without taking the opportunity to include your own. Well done, and it is a beautifully written poem. Thanks for sharing the email because of the relevance of her hesitancy.


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