Daily Prompt: Coming To a Bookshelf Near You

Write a summary of the book you’ve always wanted to write for the back cover of its dust jacket.

He was the devil but he didn’t want to be anymore.  It was this human woman.  He had been tempting her since she was a child, and had ended up becoming obsessed with her.   He did not have human desires or emotions and he loathed everything about the human body…but she was different.  She was playing hard to get and none of his ploys even fazed her.  She was not deeply religious but she had a simple yet beautiful faith that he yearned to change.  He wanted her to worship him.  He wanted her to…  First things first he must become what he despised in order to win her heart and ultimately her soul.

16 thoughts on “DEVILISH DESIRE

  1. Oh, playing with the shadows of love. Haunting, scary, twisted romance; this has the ingredients of a thrilling love story I think. You inspire me so much, the amount of posts I see here every day, it makes me want to push away the life I have outside writing so I can focus hehe.
    Ps. Continued on your start, it’s waiting in your inbox yay.


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