Written by The Reclining Gentlemen and Hastywords

I stand patient in the corner

Waiting for you to notice

The smile I have warmed up

In hopes it meets your eyes


I watch you circulate, converse, amuse,

Elicit laughs and friendly touches

Others see your open, entertaining self

But my eyes see beyond, below


Hungry for the attention I seek

But controlled in my eagerness

I listen to the greetings, the dialect

The grace with which you speak


I deny my growing jealousy

For the smiles you give freely

For the words you share and exchange

While I wait silently, expectantly


Each moment passes before my eyes

Eternity witnessing and resurrecting

Heartaches lost forever, stuck

Hiding in the ghostly realm which I reside


I will not succumb to sadness

I will not extinguish my desire

I will keep my smile shining for you

I will stand patient in the corner


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