He doesn’t normally write poetry but I mercilessly pestered him until he relented.  Be sure to check out his blog because he writes with an elegantly beautiful flow.  Be sure to stock your fridge if you are going to read his Summer Heat series though because it is naughty….which just makes me hungry….and fat.

Written by TheRecliningGentlemen and Hastywords

I can’t tell if it is dark

Or if something has blinded me

But the air feels thick

Practically choking me


Dots of distant light

Try to become rays

Try to illuminate

But are extinguished


Cobwebs wrap silky threads

Of night around me

As I watch happiness

Flirt just out of grasp


The black blanket suffocates

Offers no comfort

Gives no security

Against internal enemies


Held captive by chemistry

Electrochemical messages

Get sidetracked , dis-guarded

Lost in neurological translation


I force my eyes to close,

The darkness now complete.

I pause, breathe, wait

For the clouds to clear


4 thoughts on “HELD CAPTIVE

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  2. I can’t decide if it is about self inflicted darkness or a darkness that another has imposed on the narrator. It could even be a little of both. The wordplay is very creative and flows throughout the poem effectively. The last stanza is especially powerful and concludes a strong poem very well. Considering it is a collaboration is even more impressive. Thanks for sharing.


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