Our first poetic duet together and it is just what I needed as we wrote it at 1am this morning when my mind was racing and wouldn’t let me sleep.  Thank you Josh for being such a good friend.

Written by Josh Lindsey and Hastywords


Peering around corners

Built on visions from yesterday

Nightmares scurrying

Before they become reality

Fear deep in my bones

Yet excitement in my heart

The future, yet unknown

Hold more memories, maybe scars

But possibilities for growth

For opportunities

Tornadoes of relief

Sweep across my soul

Happenstance granting me reprieves

Desperately I bend my knees

And pray for positive probabilities 

Prayers end in answers

Sometimes answers end in tears

But those tears can lead the way

To a place more complete

And being complete…

Disperses the fearful feelings of yesterday

4 thoughts on “A FUTURE YET UNKNOWN

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