Written by Clark Kent and Hastywords


Anticipation setting in,waiting for your call

I make believe you see me, searching for your smile

A waterfall of thoughts, cascading through my dreams

A stream of consciousness, tearing at my seams.


As we strolled home I felt your fingers in between mine,

All I could think to myself is how you set my soul a shine,

As I strolled with you to your door and looked into your eyes,

I felt it in me a knocking at my heart it felt much like a christmas surprise!

Your gentle grace, your gentle touch,

There is something about you I need and want so much!

As I start to dial I can feel my breathing changing,

This is what keeps happening to me and I have no explanation.


Lost in my reverie remembering passion felt,

The phone rang and your voice nearly made me melt.

I could hear your smile through the phone, I loved your handsome tone.

My heart had fallen in love despite its concerns, after all we had just met my mind had yet to discern!


What only comes to my mind is you, out of my mouth stumbles with clues,

The lingering kiss deep in my being, of a beautiful night that made my heart sing!

Every word, every story you stated, It was another part of my soul that I contemplated,

As you speak I can see your lips, knowing I am hypnotized cause you give me bliss!

Looking in your eyes I wish to see, knowing all of you is a greater love in me!


We sat and talked for hours about the things we’d like to do

We talked about our friends our classes and the things that make us blue!

Then you stopped and took a breath and said that I was the bomb

My heart rejoiced at the next words from your mouth

As you said you wanted to take me to the prom!


Yes you said and came down with a kiss,

I could not help be feel pure bliss,

In love I could feel as you pulled back and starred.

I knew right then, it didn’t matter at all that I was in a wheel chair!


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