Sometimes just writing, even if it makes no sense, is healing.  I wrote this as a series of texts to my best friend about a year ago.  I was sad, confused, and had nothing to say but he encouraged me to just text even nonsense if it helped me feel connected.  I texted this to my friend randomly one day.  Now that time has passed it makes more sense now than it did then.

We have been lying side by side resting in our peace but now it’s time for me to wake and slowly slip out the door before u wake. So as I tried to slip out the door I tripped on last nights clothes and hit my head so hard I forgot where the door even was. This normally would not have been a problem but I felt I was late for a very important date. When I realized I was late and u were so sedate I became sad just a tad and decided to stop and let fate.  So when I stopped, fate was nowhere to be found.  I searched the couch cushions and other than couch potatoes I came up empty.  Since fate was no help and the door nowhere to be found I left you in peace and crawled out the window pane.  Once on the other side I realized I had fallen deep inside a hurricane of emotion that grabbed a hold and ripped at my sanity.  I had only a matter of moments to lasso the moon to make my escape. While the moon seemed attainable it was far from my most earnest grasp so I had to settle for a piece of swiss cheese dangling from an old mans fishing pole.  The old man saved me from the storm but he would not untangle me from the rope I had fashioned around my heart.  He said to me when you settle on something less than what you aim for you will remain the keeper of your bondage.  So I struggled for awhile with my knotted up prison and I pondered the words from the cheese dangling old man. I open my distraught and teary eyes to a bright shining moon gazing at me.  As my heart begins to unwrap itself I hear the old man chuckling from behind telling me a story about my friend the moon who is never out of reach except for in the minds of those unwilling to believe it can be captured.  The moon and I sat for awhile as comfortable old friends do and in the silence my soul was replenished.  And as my spirit healed I saw a familiar door.  I couldn’t see the door without the moon and my friend the moon led me by the hand and turned the knob. I slipped inside feeling warmth and reassurance that whatever was to be endured would be worth it.  And before you wake or realize my pain I slip peacefully back in my place next to you.


7 thoughts on “MIDNIGHT JOURNEY

  1. Belief, faith, disillusionment, fear, longing, clarity….you have it all. So amazing and glad you see it’s worth now, if not then. Whatever the outcome, a very real journey.


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog…I promise you are in for one hell of a journey into the dark secret world that is my life. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed..


  3. Your lines are so filled with emotions…and a lot of them! Loved this post! I was especially struck by this line: “He said to me when you settle on something less than what you aim for you will remain the keeper of your bondage.”


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