I watch you growing up

And I find myself alone

Begging for the strength

To one day let you go

To watch you walk away

No more bedtime stories

No more skinned knees

No more “but mom please”

I didn’t know…

I’d run out of time so soon

That you’d be mindlessly

Saying goodbye each day

As you run to your friends

As you stop saying “love you”

I didn’t know…

We’d grow apart like this

That we’d fight about things

About being kinder

About respect and love

About gratefulness

And having patience

Or having compassion

I didn’t know…

It would be this hard

To let you find yourself

To let you become you

Into you without me

10 thoughts on “I DIDN’T KNOW

  1. I comprehend and feel this whole-heartedly – then and now. I am now on the other end, having to let go as they live their lives and build roads toward their future. It’s bittersweet – but survivable. Parents have been doing this sort of thing for ages……..at least this is what I keep telling myself;)

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