She felt like a school girl with her first crush. Butterflies crashed around obnoxiously in her stomach.

She silently scolded herself for being so dramatic, but to be fair she was flying high on drugs which wasn’t really part of her initial night’s plan. She had given in to the suggestions they made everything better but in order for the night to happen it was eventually inevitable. Needless to say she was high as a kite and her body felt as if it was floating. Given how important this moment was to her it didn’t seem fair.

She planned this vacation for days. She knew she would be staying a few nights and she wanted everything to be perfect. She had the most torturous time packing and picking out what she was going to wear. She hoped she would look beautiful for the love of her life! She wanted to look amazing in the photos she would someday share with her kids.

This weekend was going to change her life forever. This was her destiny. This would no doubt be the most important commitment of her life.

She spent her whole life running from this moment because she never wanted it. She didn’t remember the exact point in time this changed and she wanted nothing more than this moment. But here she was counting down.

She was shaking from anticipation. Desire, passion, and years of love had led to this. So many obstacles had been overcome, so much heartache.

She laid in bed fixing her hair as tears ran down her face, she began to shake more but this time from uncontrollable sobs of happiness. She wiped her eyes absentmindedly as she heard footsteps in the hall. Her heart was pounding so loud she was sure it would exhaust itself and die.

She knew there were a lot of other people in the room but there was only one face she cared about. It was the creation of her greatest love. Everything she wanted in that moment was in the small package being delivered to her arms. She was the most beautiful little baby she had ever seen.

Nothing in life would ever mean more, ever be more important, than this gift life had bestowed upon her.


18 thoughts on “A WEEKEND ROMANCE

  1. even without reading your poems, i get lost just scrolling through your pictures. i bet it would be fun to take you to macy’s or somewhere and watch you try on dresses and shoes and such.


    • i once took an ex-girlfriend shopping because she needed a wardrobe update. she was going in and out of the dressing room, and an elderly woman said, “aw that’s nice that you take your daughter shopping.” i was not happy, but i was kinda happy at the same time. there were times when she brought her daughters for doctor visits, and the doc wasn’t sure who was the mom and who was the daughter. she was short, kids were very tall, so that didn’t help.


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  4. They make plans and choose the couples when these matches for those whose time has come to emerge. It’s not we that we expect or plan in hasty ways. We are stuff for them – for children. And are we the stuff for each other then?…


      • Not everyone, but those who are meant for us and smash into us due to some known and unknown reasons – we prefer to keep silence about it but we know. Probably, it’s another plan or requirement for something else – a dance to enchant and be enchanted – whiring movements showing you’re alive while music plays and you enjoy the rounds.


        • ‘Cause it’s a ‘millennium-no-end’ romance – man and woman – beautiful. I can talk for hours about it as many others did before me – finding merits and demerits, pleasures and displeasures of these ties and nexuses and bonds…and consequences in sequels. But I’m afraid it can be long and inappropriate here.


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