Written by: Peter Olsen
Blogger at: The Razor’s Edge


I have no poetry

No song

No creative thought to help me.

My voice…she has escaped.

On the long journey away.

How I have missed that spirit

Who guides every stroke of my pen.

That quiet sweetness and angst

But alas she has left me.

In the cold darkness and hidden recesses of my soul

She has escaped.

My love, she has left me.

Yet…she will return.

She will come back to me.

My love. My voice. She will return.

Like a raging lion on the wings of a soft whisper she will return.



Peter M. Olsen is a blogger and a mental health advocate dedicated to helping people living with mental illness. In his free time, Peter is a loyal Xbox 360 addict, an unapologetic coffee snob, a PLUR warrior, and all-around pretty cool guy. Trance and house music keeps Peter very, very happy. Peter lives in the greatest city on Planet Earth. The Emerald City…Seattle, Washington.


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