Earth dropped away from feet long gone
No more structure or truth to rely on
I knocked on the doors of a million stars
Begging them to let me in
To light my path, give me a place to begin

But then the stars fell away into a dark sea
And tidal waves of gravity pulled at me
It’s consuming presence began to shove
And I wondered what more it was made of

A part of nothingness, no place to go
My absurd imagination is all I know
My ending soaked up everything
Until I gave into its melancholy flow
And then universe; it began to snow

It snowed new stars giving me light to see
The waves of gravity still pulling at me
Its consuming presence felt like love
And I found out exactly what it was made of

15 thoughts on “WAVES OF GRAVITY

  1. hasty are you all right?

    The reason i ask is, from what i have been reading from you just doesn’t seem like hasty… However, i am an addict within a delusional mind, so it won’t surprise me ifinn i am mistaken!

    Liked by 1 person

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