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I felt lost for awhile

In your stories

The words you wrote

Then I wrote some

And then we wrote some

And then the world

Began writing around us

I got sidetracked

Dreaming of things

Thinking of lives

Pondering events

But reality stands waiting

Impatiently sometimes

For me to wake up

I was gone a long time

Believing in things

That weren’t real

Counting on things

That disappeared

Falling in love with things

Of my imagination

It’s my made up world

A place I land when I am behind

The place I find love

When the reals smiles frown

The place I can breath

When the world drowns me

If you can’t find me

Come look in my land of make believe

11 thoughts on “LIVING IN FICTION

  1. Wow, I’ve read some good poetry from the blogging community today — and this is perhaps the best.

    The overarching metaphor is fantastic, and there is some great ‘depth’ here — some meaning that may be easy for some readers to overlook on a first pass (and/or perhaps it spoke to me in a unique way, which good writing tends to do).

    My FAVORITE aspect of this piece is the allusion to creation and co-creation! A never-ending story of reading and writing, creation breeding more creation — of thoughts cascading to words, words shaping the thoughts and words of others, an endless cycle which shapes the world (and the story) we live in. And THAT world, much like a good fiction novel, which we “authored” can be sooo easy to get lost in!!

    I saw the comment regarding an alternative title being “living in illusion”. Prior to reading this piece, if I were asked which title do I like more, “living in illusion” or “living in fiction”, I may have chosen “living in illusion” (solely for how it sounds phonetically lol) — BUT — BUT — I think “Living in Fiction” IS PERFECT for this piece, as it right out of the gate (1) reinforced the metaphor a STORY, and (2) established a polarity between “fiction” and “reality” (nonfiction section) which you supported throughout the piece, especially at the end (where a smile was really a frown, where you drown in the air you breathe, etc.)….. So while both titles are solid, I think “living in fiction” BEST suits the TRUTH that you find yourself rediscovering in this piece, as you peal back the layers of fiction in the story, the world, which you co-authored with your words as you continuing living in your land of imagination.

    Sorry for the long breakdown – but I do feel there is more depth to this than some readers are/will pick up on upon their first read – so I’ll consider my comment a success if even one reader reads it and then rereads your poem!! 🙂

    GREAT stuff!


    • Indeed!! Dream’s and Reality converge into (and diverge from) a singular point of creation — the creative spark from which all creation stems from, and the moment from which dreams and reality begin to differentiate and, in doing so, give one another meaning.

      (sorry for the multiple comments hasty, but this topic clearly piqued my interest!)


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