She not only has a world winning smile, a voice that purrs, or eyes that brighten the darkest of days but it’s her heart I embrace. It’s the way her heart shows all over her face and in the way her tears beckon you to look for her when she is stuck inside the battles that wage war inside her head.

It occurs to me often how similar our fears and struggles are; among them are the deep insecurities we fight with our own faces and physiques. I find her beautiful and she finds me beautiful; hopefully someday, we will be able to see ourselves through each others eyes.

I struggle to write poetry these days but I read THIS poem Lizzi wrote and needed to write.  She is a much better poet than I am though she will never admit it or see it or feel it…  She is.  She is.


Remember that time

I messaged you this – 😦

ALL of those times

We hem-hawed through mumbles

To get to the bottom of – 😦

So many moments

You could barely speak

So many moments

My tears were so loud

The times I listened

Then responded with care

The times you listened

Then responded with ❤

I never felt deserving

Until you taught me

The meaning of the word

And now I just feel chosen

And beautifully loved

Having chosen each other

I am thankful x 1000

For you my love

12 thoughts on “MATCHING HEARTS

  1. I actually felt my heart get bigger then…

    This is STUNNING and wow…thank you for such beautiful, generous words, and always, always for your incredible friendship and love.

    You are chosen for keeps. Definitely.

    (and thank you for choosing the one photo of me in existence that I don’t hate ❤ )

    And thank you for choosing me.

    I love you ❤ ❤ ❤

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