Yesterday, I posted the first CyberMonster post written by Helena Hann-Basquait and tomorrow I have a very special surprise you will NOT want to miss.

I have decided to take ongoing submissions on topics I find important.  You can find GUESTS POSTS easily by using the category tool bar to the right.  If you have something important to say about bullying, compassion, or social media use and/or its dangers in general send them to me because I want to help share the things you are passionate about.

I am passionate about poetry so today I am sharing poetry.

Sometimes magic happens with poetry. You meet someone new and begin writing a few lines back and forth, you go to sleep, and the next day you wake up to poetry.  We wanted to write a duet but what really happened is Byron took a few good lines and turned them into a really beautiful piece of poetry.

I sure know an awful lot of talented people.  Below is our “duet” which is really more his work of art, and a link to a few of his videos on youtube.  ENJOY!


Close your eyes
Let my love be your guide

And let my voice
Comfort and carry you

Over the crowd
And under star streaked skies

A symphony of ears
Endlessly listening

And gently answering
Until your mind is empty
Of those painful whispers

And the hurt

Those aching beats
Carved from your chest

And all that worry
Pulled out like a tumor
From your brain

I am your peace

And when I’m gone

You’ll miss me

by Byron Hamel and Hastywords

13 thoughts on “I AM YOUR PEACE

  1. My mind is a storm
    No peace, no quiet
    Outwardly I am forlorn
    So much I sigh at
    When what I want to do
    I want to scream shit at you
    I want to scare you and make
    You realise

    (for me)

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