Please check out this new duet partner.  Love his style and I think you will too.  Link to his name is below the picture.

bebaa4243e1e11e2a15422000a9f19a4_7Written by JStewart413 and HastyWords


I chased my shadow
Into a canopy
Where it hid for awhile
Before, once again
Finding me
Hurry up
I called out
The light is fading
We don’t have much time
Before it’s spent
And it dashed
Into the open
Flying like a bird
Through clouds of grass
And above lakes of blue
As it raced
Against time
Through colors
Only seen
Outside its own lines
It began to dissolve
As if spreading
Itself into the air
No longer confined
To its keeper
It was time
To go
As sunset came
And called it home

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