This beautiful girl is one of my first duet partners and I am very lucky to call her friend.  This duet is born of truth and the knowledge we are connected in a way few can be.  I love you dear.

admin-ajax.php copyWritten by Shruti and Hastywords

It’s been forever
Since we last spoke
And such is the tug of this bond
That without words, we speak
I feel you are near
Although you are far
Because you my dear
Are simply
A very important part of me
Even though there are
Uncountable miles between us
The smiles I so often wear
Have a lot to do with you
And when the world spins
Far too fast for me
I know you are there
Proof that two can exist
Without a word or a nod
And still be as close
As if born side by side
We are connected in ways
Even the most beautiful
Words cannot explain
Because some people simply are
Meant to be

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