I really truly love this poem and have re-read it a dozen times since Mel sent it to me.  I am so happy to post it here for you today.  In fact I was so inspired by the words that I broke my camera out and took pictures to accompany it.  I hope you like it and I hope you will tell her how wonderful her words are.  Please visit her blog HERE




It will grab you.
Hold you hostage.
Throw you in a giant tumbler,
To thrash around with others
Knocking off the rough parts
And polishing you to
Shiny, smooth perfection.

Oh. Except for that crack.

It will hold you under
The magnifying glass.
Deciding what to make of
Your imperfections.
Then it will attack you
With a chisel and a hammer.
Shape you into an amazing, faceted gem.

But oh, there is still that fissure.

Examining you,
Determining how to fix you,
How to repair this inclusion.
Or hide it beneath the perfect setting.
It will find a way
To make you desirable.
Admired and adored by the masses.

But that flaw will always remain.

And eventually,
It will surface again.
And you will have no choice.
No say and no escape.
The world will see
That rift, your imperfection.
And force you, once again…

To Change.






Mel Douleur is a working wife, mother and writer exploring the boundaries of her marriage, life and imagination. You can currently find her work at

24 thoughts on “CHANGE

  1. Beautiful words…challenging semtiment. I prefer my diamonds fissured, unique, and just mine, rather than the clear, flawless, mass-approved ‘perfection’, which is so intimidating and somehow worth so much blood. I am flawed. I am a beautiful letdown. I am cheap and functional and sometimes even beautiful, but I have no pretention and I will sparkle my best for you if you love me in spite of my ‘deformities’…

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