There is something about the Christmas season that makes us look around and take inventory of the people in our lives.  Many of us want to give something but have no idea what and then before we know it Christmas becomes something it was never meant to be.  It becomes a stressful puzzle of how much to spend on who and how and where to get those items needed on a very long list that you end up having to cut in quarters before Christmas arrives.  We try to divide our time between shopping, baking, decorating, parties, volunteering, etc., and by the time Christmas comes we are all so worn out we missed everything wonderful about Christmas.

Johnny Ojanpera just released his new book Gringo Parade which you can find below.  It is the perfect example of why I feel Christians are the biggest threat to Christianity.  Anyway, it is an excellent story about a boy who goes on a mission trip looking for something and what he finds is a perspective that will shape who he will become. As I was preparing to review his book I realized I could do better… I could make a list… a Christmas list.

This Christmas season I want to share some of my favorite things and today I made a list of books published by people I have gotten to know, and or followed for quite some time now.  I have read many of the books below and many more were on my list to purchase so I hope you join me in supporting some publishers in our community this Christmas. Give a book for Christmas and support someone’s passion to write at the same time!

NOTE: WordPress isn’t the best in regards to formatting pictures and links so if the pictures show up funky I apologize but all the links should work 🙂

Just click on the picture below to be directed to a place where you can:

  1. Read about the Author
  2. Read a synopsis of the book
  3. Read reviews (including my review if I have read it)
  4. Purchase either hard copy, e-book, or both depending on what is available.
  5. Leave a review (a wonderful gift to an indie author)


















































8 thoughts on “AN INDIE CHRISTMAS

  1. Ohhhhh Sunset, my lovely, you are THEEE (three ‘eeeee’s because it turned into a bit of a *squee*) sweetes to create such a wonderful promotion. I’m so glad to see Jessica there. And thank you also for featuring ‘Sunshine after the storm’. I wish it wasn’t there *sigh* I hope no-one needs it.

    You’re amazing.


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