This is my second poetic threesome.  🙂

IMG_7571Written by Arthur Browne, Matticus, and Hastywords

The banners of sea-foam unfurled
wind howled like demons unleashed
the legions of waves were hurtled
with a fury that slowly increased

The black cliff stood with defiance
against the sea’s raging assault
like a rampart built by giants
a wall of the darkest basalt

A totem that reached to the sky
Steadfast, strong for all of time
No mere mortal could ever deny
The power each force could climb

The water gnawed and clawed,
Like a beast against its barred cage,
The frenzy lathered crush pawed,
In wars eternal struggle did wage.

Strong, resolute, the ageless wall,
Turned away the brutish force,
And refused to ever retreat or fall,
But time, as always, ran its course.

The sea striking without cease
Walls unmoving before its strike
Never failing, a never ending lease
A methodical wearing without spite

The waves’ relentless pounding
upon the cliff face, dark and looming
the din of battle so resounding
the surfs’ unceasing booming

This is the everlasting war
of wind and time and tide
the battle line a cliff-shrouded shore
that the sea must cast aside…

Only one eventuality will come to pass,
One truth, one fate, one final destiny,
And the defiant cliff shows its class,
Standing tall against greatest adversity.

But as time ticks its eternal time
The boulders become rocks then sand
The two elemental forces combine
No longer only ocean, no longer only land

One day the sea shall win this fight
The cliff once strong and grand
After eons of struggle day and night
Will be reduced to fine black sand
Like a beating heart, the sea will rise
And long after, it will fall
The sun burns hotter, the old sea dries
In the end… there is nothing at all…

17 thoughts on “IN THE END

  1. But the ebb and flow of both land and sea, where intense rests those conversations, between both accretion and erosion, a slow instigation where values change, but worth remains the same; existence, if but a little different, even after a passing of storms. What though, ventures forth most intent on pushing back the bounds to both seas and oceans, a most spectacular of spectacles, nature’s self reclamation spilling forth from deep within a warmest of hearts, to emerge new possibilities and a balance we can hardly fathom at times in nature’s ever changing narratives.

    As I read the first parts to the poem, I was thinking Cliff’s of Insanity 🙂

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