It happens more than I would like to admit but some stories punch me right in the heart and it takes a bit of time to get it to beat again. By now everyone has seen the viral video of the dad singing Blackbird to his son (who died shortly after his mother did). I want more than anything to help take away the pain this man must feel having lost his wife and son.  If his son could comfort his dad what would he say???  I know I am more suited for the darker side of emotions but this story is dark enough without me spilling my empathetic emotions all over the place.

I wrote this for THE REVERIE  prompt which asks us to use a current headline to write a poem.

(You still have time to write for the prompt and be part of a community vote.) 




I heard him singing with all his might
Strumming his guitar as I tried to fly
His voice full of life
Filling me with his light as I began to fly

My daddy singing with all his might
Feel my light and let me help you see
My spark of life
The kind of bright only your heart can see

Thank you for singing with all your might
Your beautiful voice here comforting me
My short life
Allowed me to meet you, the other half of me

I’ll be singing for you with all my might
In a place that’s just out of sight
An angel’s life
With eyes like yours full of a hopeful loving light

16 thoughts on “DADDY BLACKBIRD

  1. I’ve been there once 50 years ago, but I couldn’t possibly say anything that would help the parents bereavement. All I can offer is “I’m not the first nor the only one, and this too shall pass.”


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