I am in LOVE with this story.

I am in LOVE with Jennie Saia.

I don’t feel bad re-blogging this during my 31 days of horror because if I had been swimming (I am not a mermaid) I would have drowned. I won’t scuba dive because I am afraid of drowning. I am really missing out on something amazing and beautiful because I felt her strength and beauty as she swam out to sea. I also felt the sadness as a daughter of aging parents. Please take time to visit and read this very captivating story of love and strength.

The SisterWives

Six weeks ago, I almost drowned.

I was alone in the vast, mysterious wetness of the Atlantic Ocean. I’d never felt so small.

I was so far from shore that the Labor Day tents faded into one bright, distant smear across the sand.

I was so focused, I never noticed tourists grouping into a tight knot of alarm.

I kept swimming, despite the shock of cold water that brushed my toes with every kick. After a time, I floated. Then I went under again.

Eventually, someone called Emergency Medical Services. Two first responders tore down the beach on official black ATVs. They kicked up wild arcs of sand in their rush to save my life.

As for me, I was past the point where anyone could hear me scream for help.

…or wait.

Flip that.

Maybe they couldn’t hear me because I never screamed.

The Bogue Inlet Pier (Emerald…

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  1. Wow…that would be a hell of a thing to go through.
    I almost died giving birth, but I didn’t experience fear of this nature. I was in so much physical pain that I didn’t care if I died, and I was becoming weak and delirious. When they put me under, I felt relief.

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