Again, I have gotten behind on my duets and for that I apologize to everyone waiting on me.  Please welcome this new duet partner and check out his blog HERE.  Thank you Christopher for your patience and for writing with me.


BeFunky_admin-ajax.jpgWritten by Christopher Rupley and HastyWords


Stars are not supposed to cry,
But tonight I saw their tears
Each reflecting moonlight
As they changed your face

And I think of a supernova
As some cosmic temper tantrum,
Much like the way you showed
Your true colors the other day

A bright spectrum disordered
Into bi-polared emotions
Scattered frequencies mixed
From tranquility to flammability

Like a mood ring you change,
An ever-laughing emotive
Deconstructing construction,
An elaborate creative young soul…

You paint in greys by day
And dream in color by night,
You are the universe spinning
Creating light and dark out of life


  1. Thank you for the kind words. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this with you, and hope to collaborate with you again soon. Best wishes in all that you do. Cheers!


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