This poem might need a TRIGGER WARNING because technically it could be considered BDSM and bothersome to some.

I always love writing with Laura because I truly never know where we will end up.


I find myself inside your fury

beaten down by the onslaught

of words I couldn’t say

my tongue, thick as an oyster

my lips rocked shut

as the grit scours the edge

off the words unsaid

My crosshatched skin, red

the sentence decreed

a flogging of phrases

stinging knots of leather

scar more than tender flesh

they slash notches on my insides

with the bite of invisible hate

Fingers dig for purchase

beneath the shifting earth

the crack in the air

swift as frostbite

has cauterized the vein

sealed the tomb

my silent litany

Stale air finds my hungry lungs

as fear lies encased inside bile

a bitter, acidity upon my tongue

I reach for the laces at my back

my satin corset to be unstrung

disgrace my only master

and dirty lust my symphony

Your hand releases my throat

and I gasp in a breath that

tastes of your skin

the tangle of hair wrapped

limp bodied, heady drink

bring me to my knees

silence me again

Enslaved and entombed

beneath eyes of steel grey

I succumb bowed

ready to obey

to his mandatory submission

as my master’s hands

turn animosity into desire

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