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glitter-eye-1024x730Written by Phen Weston and HastyWords

Old shag carpet lined the hallways

Muting echoes I should have heard

And the colors keep changing 

As time chips away at the memory


The old grandfather clock strikes

Times longing intervals again,

Juncture span my noxious whim,

Were you just tint to reminiscence?


Dust floats in the air on still air

Sparkling like glitter on a string

As strands of light find their way

Into the middle of this daydream


Was there a time this wasn’t peace?

Echoes of amusement inundate 

Our quorum of senses, inciting,

Inviting, our dreamscapes blend


Your voice bounces in the corridor

As if a gift presented to my ears

The joy we once knew spent hiding

On the linoleum spaces in between


Are we lost among inserted aspiration?

Weaving through the parquet worlds

Of long forgotten infused mansions

Where hearts yearn for expectations held


Your eyes are the first to find the fade

The place my dreams hide from dawn

I awaken to a colder world without you

With the clear sense you are never far

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