31 thoughts on “Finale

    • Gone just for a minute…just need to catch my breath. I could never leave for good…I love my space too much. I leave all my words behind and sometimes I don’t save any for me…so right now I am storing up new words to share 🙂 I don’t want you to leave either…so don’t please.


      • We all need a minute from time to time to catch our breath. I hope you find something fun, engaging, relaxing, to do with your time away.
        I’m not leaving either. I’m just slowing down, allowing myself more time to … well, I’m not quite sure yet. But, it will all sort itself out shortly, I’m sure.


    • Wow…. these words touch and heal parts of my heart that don’t like to feel. Thank you. I will never leave for good. I need this blog and no matter what I say to it or how crazy I get I know it will never leave. Thank you for the beautiful sentiments.


      • Find your smile again. And we all be here welcoming you back. Take good care of yourself.
        To feel is good, to feel is being alive. To heal is even better. And it tells you people care about you.


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