On my post yesterday titled “YOU DID THIS” Lizzi commented with a powerful poem that spurred on more poetry.  So here I am making it a duet.  I hope you enjoy this Maybe Warrior’s tale.

merging-hastywordsWritten by Lizzi and Hastywords

Neither half
An angel
One half beaten
Bruised, tired and
Maybe warrior
Lying on the floor
Waiting for the next round
Wondering if she can take
Any more
One half demon
Screaming his evil cries
Sneering his lip at your fury
Smirking as serrated claws
Find purchase
In the maybe warrior’s sides
Grinning as you watch
This sacrifice
Wondering when
You’ll understand
She deserved it
Yet he only ever maims;
Will never kill her
For he goes with her
If she dies
Her demon laughed
As the audience cried
Seeing the tender flesh
Its talons compromised
You could see defeat
Inside her warrior eyes
There were no cries
For help nor for mercy
She believed
She deserved
Every single hurt
Every bit of guilt
After all she thought
The audience
Couldn’t understand
She was raised
Half demon
And it was a
Powerful beast
But she also didn’t know
That she wasn’t alone
That all of us are born
2 halves of a whole
All of us have done
What demons have told
So as the warrior
Accepted her punishment
A 9 headed monster
Came from the audience
This monster
Cheered loud
And very clear
A chorus of voices
Reaching her ears
Giving her hope
That maybe
Just maybe
She could beat
This demon one day
And she would survive
His death
And be free
Of his half of the whole

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