RIP Marcus Wade

RIP Marcus Wade


Twindaddy asked me to write yesterday with No Words as the email’s subject line. NO WORDS perfectly described how I felt over the last couple of weeks.  I was stuck emotionally yesterday so I did not write.  I did not write AT ALL and that never happens.  Today we finished a poem that we both felt relevant to how we felt about the world around us a world that often leaves us with absolutely NO WORDS.

Before the poem I want to share a few posts.  None of them are easy to read and so I am adding a TRIGGER WARNING to all of them.  On top of these posts I had a friend die much too young and I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that hit me when I saw him smiling in a picture of us. I realized people survive traumas that change their smiles forever, or they die and the only memory of their smile is in the pictures we take.

Please leave your love and respect for the women who have the courage to share their trials with us.  We do learn from their strength and ability to overcome.  You may ask, “What choice do we have but to overcome?”  All you have to do is look around to see a world of people who have chosen not to overcome.

There are so many posts, too many to even count, but here are a handful of the posts that have affected me these last couple of weeks.  These are the kinds of events that change a persons smile forever.  My heart, love, and empathy to all of them, my friends.

**Trigger Warnings**


This story has 4 parts and I promise the posts will leave you heartbroken, angry, and numb.  I am worried that one of the most special smiles I have ever seen will be changed forever.


A story about rape and the guilt and shame it left. This story hit so close to home I felt I could hear his voice and see his face.  I was glad to be at home when I read this so I could deal with the emotions that surfaced. The second post by Laura A Lord had me terrified.


A true account of domestic abuse that will leave you stricken.  All too often abused women (and men) discount their pain and suffering.  Recognizing you are abused and admitting there is a problem isn’t always easy for a victim to do.


Confessing you battle depression solicits lots of friendly advice on how to not be depressed, but until you are in this battle, you won’t understand that the depressed aren’t looking for advice or sympathy.  People who suffer from depression are looking for a distraction from the beast until he falls back to sleep for a bit.  Unfortunately, clinical depression is a lonely battle.


This is a gut wrenching story of a women who is entangled in the depression of a spouse.  Deeply heartfelt perspective on the helplessness one feels when they realize they are no comparison to the beast.



It’s family…enough said!


BeFunky_null_12.jpgWritten by TwinDaddy and HastyWords


Evil permeates despite prayer
Wrongful deeds induce despair
Shady deals clandestinely struck
Shameless sinners run amok

I coat my heart in layers of silver and gold
For when I was younger it was far too bold
It yearned for faith, and hope, and love
Learning far too late what life was made of

News of misdeeds saturate
Countless outlets disseminate
Murder, rape, and heinous crimes
Represent these troubled times

I licked the salt from every open laceration
Tending wounds from every past flirtation
Hoping the brackish world wouldn’t infiltrate
As I gather up all my traumas to liquidate

I read about it in the news
It prompts me to get lost in booze
This reality’s quite bizarre
How did humanity fall so far?

I watch as victim’s wave soiled white flags
And predators parade their victorious brag
A circus of inexplicably sadistic characters
Produced by an insanely macabre director

Words fail me, there are none that fit
Unsure how to respond to this shit
Everything has gone awry
I shake my head and wonder why






24 thoughts on “NO WORDS

    • Yea TD sent a whole poem and I was gridlocked… every word he wrote I understood and felt. Today I wrote my own and it just worked in between. I love duets. You must write one with me soon.


  1. Very powerful tribute, Hasty. The very first line of the poem struck me the hardest: indeed, it does seem that evil has permeated despite all of my prayers, all of your prayers.

    Thank you for sharing my story. I promise I won’t let this chapter steal my smile.


  2. And yet in those soiled flags waved white across the sky
    So stained in lamb’s blood, torn and left to die
    Tho the world be crumbled ’round
    When trumpets sound
    Those tattered rags do hold the victory cry.

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  3. Hasty, Can you help me or have any ideas> There is a 5 yr old who turns 6 yrs old on Friday. He’s very special, he has endured 30 radiation treatments and now doing chemo every two weeks. We his mother asked what he wanted to his birhday he said mail, cards. It’s late but I’ll love to see an extra broad smile in his face Friday. The Red Socks, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins and there in Boston. Any contacts? Other ideas? I writing a card now. Thanks.


  4. I commend you for giving the women an opportunity to share their heart wrenching stories. There are many women who have been tragedy in many ways. Would you give me an opportunity to share my story. I wrote a book about my story and it will soon be available. I need exposure for my story bc it is all about spreading disability awareness. You can email at . Thanks. Jude


  5. Wow! Those really are powerful words but so well expressed. I often despair at seeing the evil deeds of others on the news bulletins and the sheer Hell families and friends of the victims are going to live through the rest of their lives. Justice so often isn’t done and nothing will bring their loved ones back. In the case of rape and violation very often no one gets over that. It is a life sentence for the victims and their families, while the perpetrators get off lightly in comparison. Our world is becoming a cesspool of evil and wickedness and it is up to us its citizens to start stamping it out. Thank you for sharing your poem with us Hasty and Twin Daddy. It is a beautiful thing to do. Xx


  6. It was a really well written poem. Strong words for a poem tited “no words”. Thanks for putting the links for inspiration to the poem up there. I have arleady read some of those posts but will read them all later.


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