If you live anywhere near Ft Worth, Texas I highly recommend attending the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, July 20th, to view the movie “The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas” and the first episode in the web series titled Rough Cut.



The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas has been nominated for several awards:


Best Feature
Best Drama
Beast I mean Best Lead Male – Kenny Pitts
Best Lead Female – Julia Curry
Best Supporting Male – Adam Hampton


Rough Cut has been nominated for:


Best Drama
Best Lead Male – Adam Hampton
Best Lead Supporting – Kenny Pitts.

I mentioned Rough Cut in a previous blog, here, as it was about to be part of Oklahoma’s Deadcenter Film Festival but I haven’t posted about “The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas” yet.  I have been anxious to  write about this movie since I first viewed it. Actually, I have viewed it twice since Kenny Pitts, the actor who played Charlie Christmas, brought it over for me to watch and I can’t wait for others to see it so I can actually discuss it.

I know it sounds fairly teenager to scream, “OMG I love Charlie Christmas!” but I do. This movie grabbed my heart at the very beginning and didn’t let go until the very end.  There are just so many messages packed into this movie that I barely know where to start. Created by Outsiders Productions, Charlie Christmas is about,

a socially awkward high school janitor, bullied and overlooked his whole life, who, still haunted by the loss of his father, finds strength and purpose after receiving mysterious spiritual instruction to become a costumed vigilante in Oklahoma. In the meantime, a tender friendship developing with a neighbor, Gracie, becomes more powerful.~Synopsis

The movie is low budget and, despite how that sounds, I think low budget is what makes this film as spectacular as it is. It has a very Rocky quality to it. Raw, emotional, and very thought provoking.

Charlie Christmas is a drama dealing with everything from childhood bullying, emotional bullying, adult bullying, and domestic abuse. However, the movie has moments of pure comedic genius with several laugh out loud scenes that will surprise you and these scenes work well to balance out the heavy messages.


The movie begins with Charlie coping with the loss of his dad and his bully classmates and moves into his adult life where, as a shy and awkward janitor of a high school, he continues to be bullied by adults. I don’t want to give too much away but there is a point Charlie decides to fight back, and fight back he does. Charlie searches for the hero inside and as he does I fell in love with the character’s beautiful and endearing heart.

Adam Hampton plays Brad; a domestic abuser. Adam is the writer for this script and is an incredibly deep thinker in real life.  His character was played so well I literally did not take a breath during his scenes. Brad chilled me to the bone; and to be honest, there is one scene between Brad and Charlie that made the ENTIRE movie worth watching. That one moment alone held the power of abuse in its hand and told it where it could go…but you have to watch to know what happens.

I could go on and on about how amazing all the characters are, their quirkiness, and the value they all added to the movie but instead I will throw up some links at the bottom for you to feed yourselves with.

Please, check out their facebook page and follow their progress. I hope you become a fan and support them because this crew is going places. And hopefully someday, instead of all of them cramming into the same car and hotel room for every film festival they get screened, they will be traveling in style in a way that will make all their dreams come true.


Outsiders Productions Facebook


IMDb – Charlie Christmas

Cast and Crew Interviews – Charlie Christmas

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