Yesterday I renewed my VERY expired drivers license so I could fly to Boston on Wednesday to see Sage.  My daughter and I woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to go at 3:30am and got to Boston about noon.  This is what we saw when we got to baggage claim.


Sage’s son made us this superstar poster!  So I met Sage and he has the most gorgeous brown eyes.  I mean I felt a bit weird because I kept sneaking looks at his eyes.  And his wavy brown hair is even more swoony than I had imagined.  Oh and before I forget he wore his kilt which was amazing times 5.  He smiled more than I expected which made hanging out with him really easy.

After we got picked up from the airport we stopped off at Walden Pond and took some cool pics.  I think Thoreau wants a smart phone.

photo (1)6


Sage made us lunch and then we went exploring where I took this awesome picture.


Remember when I said I felt like I was going to visit a cousin I had never met?  It is exactly like that.  Audrey loves Sage’s son and I love both him and his wife.  I am sitting at the dining room table writing this blog as Sage is cooking  the most amazing smelling sauce for our pasta dinner.


Signing off from Boston 🙂






7 thoughts on “OH HEY BOSTON

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    Well, after Hasty’s description of me, I think I’m attracted to myself. I think she’s exaggerating anyway. However, she’s definitely as beautiful as she appears on her blog. And she’s as warm and genuine as I expected. HastyKid’s very cool. Having them here seems too natural to feel strange. All right, time to plan our day tomorrow.


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