Considering that my last boyfriend was OVER a quarter of a century in an age far far far far far far away; I will change the wording of this challenge to: the most memorable song reminding me of AN ex.

I have decided to go with a song that is very emotional to me and leaves me in nostalgic puddles of weepy tears every time I hear it.  In a land far away from here I frequented an institution we like to call high school.  Lots of hormones walked the halls of this place.  It was the late 80’s and there were little Madonna’s and foot high colored mohawks prowling the hallways.  I wanted to be a Madonna type but I was more of the Andi, Pretty in Pink, type.

I did not have boyfriends because I simply did not have the time for one (says the girl who was socially awkward and shy and was afraid of boys).  There was one boy though who I considered a good friend.  He was small, short like me, and we worked together at a local carry out pizza joint.  I was the smiling happy counter girl who handed you your Pizza Pizza and he usually worked the landing cutting them.  I really liked him because he was hilariously funny (think Duckie in Pretty in Pink).  When the nights were slow we would have rubber band fights and listen to music and just be silly.  Of course, you aren’t allowed to be silly so maybe I am just making all of this up…I worked really hard….promise…even without customers I stood at the front smiling… or something.

Duckie, I will just call him that, asked me to go to a concert with him.  He ASKED ME OUT as in OUT…as in he asked me to a place where people go other than school or work.  I couldn’t say no and said I would love to… as friends.  He said cool and we were cool and everything was cool.  Until the day before the concert.  He gave me a mix tape.  A tape was something kids my age recorded music onto.  He gave me my first mix tape and this song was on it.  It said so much…it said more than so much…it said too much.  I freaked out a little.  My stomach got butterflies and I was both happy and scared and definitely not cool anymore.

Long story short I told him I couldn’t go to the concert.  I told him my mom wouldn’t let me and that I was grounded.  I also told him I was worried he liked me for more than a friend and that’s when he grabbed me and kissed me.  That was my first real kiss.  That was the first kiss I hadn’t paid lunch money to get.  It was nice.  Actually, I really liked it but it scared me off and I told him I didn’t like him like that.  The truth is, I didn’t like him for a boyfriend but I loved him as a boy friend.  I hated him for awhile for messing our friendship up with that stupid song and that really sweet kiss.

Now years later I am angry at my teenage self.  I am the reason boys are afraid to ask girls out.  I am the reason boys are afraid of rejection.  Does everyone have someone like this in their life?  I regret that we never talked again.  I regret I don’t know where he is and who he is today.  But I hope he is happy and he found the person he could sing this song to!


14 thoughts on “TWO WORLDS COLLIDED

  1. Great idea for a blog hop. I cannot even tell you how much I wish I were participating, You chose to grab us right by the heart with this one. thanks. jean


  2. I, too, have been that girl. This song was huge when I was in high school. See also: She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes and Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard. And anything by Bon Jovi. (I was the scary unpopular girl snubbing my nose up at all that and listening to my Smiths records and The Cure’s Disintegration ad nauseum). I do remember this INXS song fondly, though, and listened to it on repeat when Michael Hutchence died.


  3. oh my word. firstly, INXS … Michael Hutchison… YUM. this song is sooo damn good, too. ack, i miss them!! secondly, i was so much like Andi in HS too. only i didn’t even have a Ducky, let alone whatshiscuteface that Andi wants originally.


  4. INXS in 87, their sound off the Kick album late in the year was different to most of what was coming out of down this way, as with their earlier music (one of the more popular tunes above that year while riding the school bus for two hours a day). But no collisions for me, the year imploded from start to end, last year of HS and few friends even knew of the loss half way through, and all that went before & after, the year was like set to pause.


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