Written by Fatima Naeem and HastyWords

Her eyelashes flutter, like ruffled feathers

As sunshine peeks into her dreams

Searching for that one truth she longed for

Looking for the innocence lost for love

Reliving that first kiss again and again

In the park on the most perfect spring day

The sun shining beautifully bright

It’s kiss of warmth against her cheeks


That kiss made her feel so vibrant

How could such a simple touch

Make her feel so much more than alive

Like an eagle soaring for the first time

Going against the impossible wind with ease

Getting higher above everyone and everything


Just when she thought she had touched the sky

The dream always faded into a vast black abyss

She’d try to stay but always awoke with a start

Taking reality in one bleak, sad second at a time

Tears would blur her vision, followed by her cries

Because in this world she was left behind, alone

As her one true love battled with death and died

Though it had been more than a year ago

These damn dreams laced her future with her past

How she wished they would just end, let her go

She needed to move on and live again, start over


How could she go on if the only time she felt alive

Was inside a dream with a man who was long gone

How could she move on and find a new dream

When she loved the dream she had, she still has

15 thoughts on “DROWNING IN DREAMS

  1. “Reliving that first kiss again and again”

    I know this is gonna sound corny, but I do remember my first kiss: it was during a game of ‘spin the bottle.”
    Not to discount your wonderful poem or make light; just something that struck me.


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