I am often shocked at some of the questions people ask me when nobody else is listening. I mean, often times I think, “Is that really the vibe I give off?”  If you passed me on the street you wouldn’t look twice.  I am a very average mom and wife but I have had a few non-average moments.  When I meet someone new I am a nonstop train to chatter town.

A few beautiful bloggers have started an idea that has snowballed into a grand project and I am excited to be a part of it. Actually, I am excited to be included with such an amazing pool of talented girls but a bit nervous about the actual participation part.

Here is the lowdown on the willy nil…

#ASKMESTUFF is a Vlog series that Angelle and Aussa are starting to answer questions that people have always wanted to ask but haven’t. Sometime in the near future Laura A Lord and I will be posting the answers to any questions you might have for us in a VLOG.  The first and last video I ever did was posted HERE .  I am also a dork if I didn’t mention that in the completely average description above.

OK so……

ASK ME ANYTHING!  I DARE YOU!  I, of course, may choose not to answer certain questions like Are you really a girl, or what is your home phone etc etc but ask anyway you never know what I will decide to answer!  Regardless, here is your chance to ask me what my least favorite smell is or if I have ever

You can either leave your questions in the comments below OR Tweet me HERE and use the hashtag #askmestuff  OR message me at my facebook page HERE OR email them to hastywords@gmail.com

I am not sure when our VLOG will be scheduled to appear so get your questions in soon!!!!!

OH AND I WILL KEEP THE QUESTIONS ANONYMOUS IF YOU SEND THEM VIA EMAIL or you can ask in the comments below anonymously.

20 thoughts on “#ASKMESTUFF

  1. okay… why are you so fascinated by me? I mean, what is the attraction? Why can’t you get me out of your mind?
    (oh man… I kill me)… (oh, and they totally stole this idea from me… I did my ‘ask the crack squirrels post just a few weeks ago)


  2. Alright! Late to the game but ready to party! Let’s see…. What is one aspect of your personality that you feel you would never EVER apologize for?

    PS Happy Birthday! 🙂


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