So I am wondering a few things and I would love your help.

Help me for a chance to win a copy of my latest book autographed.

Should I spend my time:

1) Self Publishing another book

2) Marketing and Promoting the two I have already Self Published

3) Or wait and pitch to an agent for my next book in May and hope for the best

I have read several conflicting ideas about promoting vs writing. At this point should I spend my time marketing or just keep on writing. What efforts can I make to better utilize my time. To determine my direction I want to try an experiment.  I would like to know if the reviews that show up on Amazon really do anything.  In order to conduct this experiment I would need reviews.

Your assignment.  Write a review for my second book Depression’s Dance on Amazon. 

If you would like to help me send me an email at  Put AMAZON REVIEW as the email subject and I will email you a sample of the book to write your review.

At the end of Feb 7th I will randomly pick 3 of the reviews to mail an autographed paperback copy.  In order for me to do this I will need all reviewers who are interested to send me an address to mail the book. I know AWESOME right!?!?!  Of course when you email me you will have to tell me what name you are going to do the review under so I can match the winner with an email name.  If I get any reviews and if they make a difference I will blog the results in a future post. As well as blog the winners which will in turn promote the winners blogs.

So help me out…it won’t cost you a thing but a little bit of time.

Both books can be found on Amazon just in case you love me enough to buy one 🙂



  1. What’s more important to you – writing your words or getting them out beyond a small circle?
    A traditional agent can take care of all sorts of details, and push for you in a way you can’t, but self publishing gives you unlimited freedom.


  2. A smart man would tell you to promote and pitch but I’m not claiming to be a smart man. Its hard fir me to promote myself so I write and publish. And write and self publish. Its a cycle that gets me no where cuz we know we dont sell without promoting.


  3. I think for the sake of sales, you need to have marketing.. marketin’ sells.. got to pick the right avenues though.. your blog has got good followin and so are you connected on social circles, but marketin.. well it takes tonnes more… given the depth your writing has, I presume its better to work with a publishing house for the big novel… novel has a larger market than poetry, though I love poetry.. they are deeper somehow.. 🙂
    I will review on my blog.. dun have an amazon A/c 😦


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