I would like to share one of the ways I find peace with a blogger friend of mine who needs to find a little for herself.  So this is my pep talk to her.  For me, it works in every season and I live in a place where the weather is different from day to day.  When the stress and emotion of life start to get me down I step away and connect with mother nature.  I let the earth remind me of who I am. 

I never feel insignificant because I feel like I am a part of something bigger.  It would be easy for me to say I don’t matter I am such a small, tiny piece of a gigantic picture; but I don’t feel small at all.  I am a contributor to the bigger picture and I want the part I paint to be beautiful. 

When I was younger I would lay on the school playground, tune all the noises out (and we all know how noisy a school playground can be), and watch the sky.  I would imagine the universe beyond the blue.  I would watch the birds sail and imagine their life and what they see.  But my favorite sky was one filled with clouds. 

Clouds were always different.  They would blanket or spot. Build or float.  They were white, grey, silver, gold.  Clouds are the most magical because you can’t revisit a certain beauty; the clouds are ever changing.  The beauty you see is just for you, from your perspective in that snapshot in time. 

I believe we are like clouds.  People see pieces of us. They will see us with their experiences.  Each moment someone will see a piece of us in a way nobody else will.  Because of this our beauty is like a puzzle each person puts together and sees differently.  Strive to smile in all your moments. When you cry let it be beautiful and heartfelt.  When you are angry let it fuel you to make a difference for good.  Be like a cloud, every changing, ever beautiful.

To help I am sharing the following pictures I have taken.  My family laughs at me when I take pictures of the sky; there is no denying its beauty when you can see what I see for yourself.

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25 thoughts on “BE LIKE A CLOUD

  1. I like your advice and seeing ourselves as clouds because it’s true that people see only a part of us in that given moment of time.


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  3. this is a lovely post – i do agree – clouds are ever changing – i take lots of pictures of the sky, i find there is a mysterious beauty that i wish to lose myself in. Sounds a bit dopey – I did the same as a child, except i would lay on the ground and look up at the night sky. i think for me they – clouds and stars – are where i wish i could disappear. i could keep an eye on those i love and care for, yet be no where around.


  4. i’m on cloud nine most of the time, but i have seen faces in the clouds so often, it;s like the elders, older spirits are keeping their eyes on us, but maybe, there are messages in the clouds, that only cloud thinkers can see, you must be a very lucky cloud


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  6. What a brilliant way to look at yourself and the world. It makes so much sense and explains self perception and others perceptions of us perfectly. Also the fact that their views of us are clouded (no pun intended) by the feelings they are experiencing while seeing us. Happy people see clouds, Angry people see the threat of rain etc.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. It changed my outlook on things.

    John (JMC)


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