I really enjoyed writing with this new duet partner.  Once we were both free it was written quickly.  Check out his site, Incessant Ramblings, because there is a lot of good poetry along with his inspirations for writing them.

HastyKid at Sunset

HastyKid at Sunset


Vibrations in the atmosphere

Caused us all to stand alone

Freed all the birds from the air

And began to deepen in tone


Echoes through our hearts

Like the lasting words and impressions

We find that all is something within nothing

Filled with lonely time and passion.


Sirens of despair call from high

While random laughter shatters time

Majestic guardians begin to sigh

As life’s meaning is lost inside a rhyme


Like the eyes we have missed

Between the shaded horizons

As time forgets time

And we are forever the lonely anthem




8 thoughts on “LONELY ANTHEM

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  2. Have you ever done a search in your blog for the word despair? Or loneliness, lost, sad, heartbreak, cry, tears, etc… It might just surprise you. The do one for joy, happiness, warmth, content, etc… just a little experiment you could try.


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