Daily Prompt: Rare Medium

I am a poet because I suck at writing.  This post tells someone a lot about who I am in relation to the blogospher.  And there are a lot of great blogs mentioned.  So, in a way this, is my appreciation rant revisited.

Daily Prompt : On the Edge

  I wrote this while half asleep.  This is what I write when I just need to write.  I am not proofing it…because I am too tired.  But it was a purge of sorts…a way for me to write my appreciation for those that mean so much in this whole blogging life.  If I didn’t mention you it only means I need more sleep. 

I am one of those people that can see and find the good in anyone so it isn’t surprising to those that know me; I will befriend anyone.  I ask a lot of questions not because I am nosy but because I am trying to find the one way we can relate and make a connection.  I am of the belief that everyone has a commonality if you look hard enough.  In today’s society people are suspicious of people like me, all my questions, wondering why I am so interested in them.  I don’t blame them…I love people but I don’t trust easily either…paradox. 

Recently, people have told me I spread myself too thin, that I know too many people.  I add people I meet to Facebook constantly because I can’t stand the thought of saying goodbye.  Well, meeting people is like an addiction for me.  I am not complete if my world isn’t growing with new characters.  Blogging was a Godsend to someone like me.  I have met so many amazing people blogging.  It’s like a buffet of cultural diversity and new worlds.  I have met some people I consider true friends who have changed my life for the better. 

Like an mysterious blogger, his poetry spoke to me but it was (I say was because he seems to have taken a long break) his clever stream of consciousness that kept people coming back to his blog for more.  It could be their imagination like The Reclining Gentleman…the stories he told that hooked me were filled with romantic fantasy that would draw you in and keep you until the end and then days afterward.  Over time though I realized TRG and I are very much alike.   Sage Doyle…he writes with such honesty you don’t even realize you are reading and those are the best stories in my opinion. I feel like the characters he writes into life are my friends.  Then there is Twin Daddy who I have come to absolutely adore.  His blog is full of raw emotion and he TELLS IT HOW HE FEELS IT which I admire immensely.  PMAO is also clever and his blog is his playground…he posts whatever he fancies in the moment…it is refreshing.

Then there are the poets who are true masters at writing and my favorite is D.L. McHale.  I can’t help but live inside each word he writes which can put me in a hopeless mood or a beautiful mood.  Other poets are Alex Hicks, Shruti, Jen LeFever, GingerSnaap, This Old Toad, Shackled and Crowned, Sean Bidd, Primal Nights, and Pharphalonus.  I feel every one of them is a part of my life now.   I look forward to their poetry, their beauty, and their words.  There are so many others but the few I listed above are those I have gotten to know a bit more about.  I look forward to learning more about all the others I am currently getting to know.

I have friends who read my blog and have supported my efforts as a writer.  I have tried to include them in my world here and many of them can be found under guest favorites.  I have a beautiful friend who wrote her first Erotic novel who I admire for her dedication and her talent.  You will have the opportunity to purchase her book one day soon (crossing my fingers), watch for Sarah Bale.   I have friends who have gone through some hard breakups or simply needed to put feelings to words. I always feel privileged to have gotten to share them here. 

I don’t take from people more than I am willing to give.  It is my greatest gift and my greatest heartache.  This post was simply meant to show how much people mean to me.  Whether it is their love, their hurts, their desires, or their disappointments, I embrace it all.   We are all waiting to make our next mistake in life, we all need support, we all need love, and we are all fundamentally the same.


29 thoughts on “RAMBLING POST

  1. Good to see someone giving tributes to fellow bloggers apart of any award ceremony.. not because that is bad but this is a better way to say your heart. God bless ya!!


  2. Thank you Hasty, you have open a new door for me, which I will be developing you will unrestricted access. You may ask me anything through e-mail don’t hold back this help in anyway…


  3. Hasty, you are a beautiful person, both inside and out. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you these past few months and I hope you know that when you need someone I’ll be there for you. You have every means available to contact me at your fingertips and I will most certainly answer.


  4. I write on three sites. I work 54 plus hours a week. But I find joy in reading and writing. I believe a active mind is a good one. I babysit my two grand-boys three days a week. Life is to be enjoyed. A busy person is a happy person. I do what I please. I’m not timely sometime. But I tried my best.


  5. What a truly delightful posting that offers much to all of your friends, I know some of them from reading and admiring their work but as for the others I will make an effort to visit each and every one of them 🙂

    You are a gifted writer with a kind heart my friend, I don’t comment on everything that you write, nor do I for a lot of my other friends here in WordPress but I can definitely recognise talent when I see it and you have an exquisite balance in everything that you write.

    Have a lovely rest of Tuesday and
    do keep adding to your distinctiveness 🙂

    Andro xx


  6. The post during dinner…

    Your following will not be bothering you while in my presents You’ll meet the women whom takes care of me…

    more power than I ever imagine…


  7. Just now, I’m looking around where I’m sitting. Surrounded by folded bits and pieces of paper (yeah, not tidy when it comes to writing, but I know where to find what I’m looking for, well most times), some with a few lines of words, others with ideas, half hatched plots, and the odd one here and there, overflowing to the extent where the lines become so tight as companions to one another as space begins running out fast towards the end, that it is difficult to distinguish one from the other. Sometimes I want to take a whole room and fill the walls, ceiling, and floor with poetry, like a first draft. Kind of how we live our lives, a first draft, unedited, full of the mistakes we make, a room packed with kin, friends, and companions, a room full of poetic voices.

    When reading your poetry/writing, sometimes it has me winding, twisting up through the wild places of the high country. At other times, exhausted, and thinking while tired, I need to make a comment, leave something as to where, or what the words found in me. But many times, your writing stands on its own, it already expresses itself to share with much heart intertwined, and spliced with the words, the lines…. Thanks for the mention, and sharing, Hasty, thank you for being, well, you…


    • It’s always hard to tell how much from down here at the south end of the world. So much water… I grew up in and around it, and often from time to time work in it. So nature influences my writing a little bit, but I try to write other stuff too, people and places. Thanks for sharing, I love your friendship too.


  8. I love this and found it very moving to read. I am sure all your friends on here will really appreciate your words. Alienora


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