Written by PMAO and HastyWords
Her stare unnerved me
I’d seen her here before
I wasn’t sure what she saw
But her eyes were seeing me
Her stare intrigued me
It roamed my body like a caress
I felt it move up and down
Like cool fingertips
Her stare warmed me
Turning the heat up a degree
Made me feel alive
Weaving fantasy I couldn’t see
Her stare tempted me
The offer was there
To be unfaithful
And break another heart
Her stare wanted me
Desire too hot to bear
To break her gaze
A chance I could not dare
Her stare defeated me
I was weaker than I thought
I considered myself a good man
It turns out that I am not



5 thoughts on “HER STARE

  1. I adore this – perfect rhythm and flow, what a superb duet (not that I am advocating being unfaithful at all). I really enjoyed the “it roamed my body like a caress” and the “weaving fantasy I could not see”. As for the denouement at the end, c’est très magnifique! Another triumph between two very talented bloggers, well done.


    • You’re very welcome, I’m still jumping around all over the place with comments at the moment but I simply cannot miss out on your poetry gems, this one really grabbed me and I had to say something. I hope to comment on more of yours again soon when time permits. Look forward to hearing from you regarding our collab 🙂


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