I was up awhile last night thinking about people…friendships to be more exact.  I have had a lot of people in my life come and go and some have come again.  My daughter is learning how to be a good friend and learning the woes of it too.  I don’t think we, as adults, ever stop learning how to be a good friend. 

I consider blogging an Extreme Pen Pal Sport and the winners gain trusted friendships. 

Since I have been blogging I have met and made  a dozen friends that actually cross my mind on a daily basis.  I have re-blogged some of the ones I would miss dearly if anything ever happened and they stopped blogging.    There are so many others I would miss but the few re-blogged here…I would hop a plane if they needed me too.  They are a part of my extended family…whether they want to be or not 🙂

Today…I say thank you to my beautiful friends…thank you for taking the time to get to know me and trusting me to get to know you.


  1. You won’t get rid of me. You are one of the few that are on my “everyday” list. I may not be able to comment, but I come by everyday. I am going to be starting on a book soon which means \I am going to need to seriously cut down my blog time.


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