This was written with a Twitter friend Jason.  He doesn’t have a blog but I think he should.

IMG_7619Written by Jason and HastyWords

I sit inside the attic

Where the dusty dark can hide me

I sit among the quiet

Where my loneliness consoles me


No longer do I feel

Like I can walk among the day

Or find comfort

In the sunshine’s golden rays


Instead I find solace

In a thunderstorm

Concentrating on the sound

To wake my heart from its haze


The thundering beat is harsh

With the most melancholy march

I disappear in the roar

And fall into my desperate ways


As the storm lights up my face

In the mirror I see you

Your silhouette lingers behind me

I can taste your smell in so many ways


The storm hides my worries

As I turn to find your face

Suddenly everything I need

I see swimming in your eyes


As soon as you touch me

I feel like breaking down

Letting you back in and

Forgetting how we became emptied


Your forgiving hug comforts me

Drowning all my worries

Your soothing voice

Sings to me healing painful sorry’s

7 thoughts on “EMPTIED

  1. I happened to be listening to “How Soon Is Now?” by The Smiths when I read this. I haven’t the faintest idea if you – or anyone else – might care, but I thought I’d say so anyways 🙂 to me the song as a background element to reading this poem was a completely random but fitting blend.


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